Notice of School of Applied Mathematics adjustment in 2021 (2)

College of Applied Mathematics    Reviewer:

1、 Brief introduction of the College

The College of applied mathematics was established in 1978 as the basic department, and has experienced the development stages of basic science department, computing science department, mathematics and information science department. The college has three major in mathematics, including master of mathematics, information and computing science and mathematics and applied mathematics. In 1999, the undergraduate began to recruit students and enrolled master's degree students in 2004.

Mathematics discipline was declared as a first-class discipline in 2018, and information and computing science was a national specialty, and was selected as the first-class undergraduate major construction point in 2020.

objective of the training of mathematics is to cultivate mathematics workers who love the motherland, be loyal to the motherland, have good mathematical accomplishment and solid professional foundation. After rigorous scientific research and training, they can track the mathematical researchers with strong application ability at the forefront of science and technology in the world, have certain independent scientific research ability and be competent to teach mathematics courses as teachers, Be able to use mathematics knowledge and methods, establish mathematical model, solve practical problems by using computer and mathematical software package, or further study for doctor degree.

Master of Applied Statistics shall train senior professionals with applied statistical theory and practical knowledge, strong data collection, analysis and processing, statistical modeling and statistical software development and application, good statistical calculation and statistical reasoning ability, and senior professionals who can engage in Application Statistics in financial institutions, government departments, enterprises and institutions, and consulting and research institutions.

2、 Major to be transferred

Full time, 070100 Mathematics (Academic), general program

3、 Adjustment conditions

1. Candidates must meet the requirements of our 2021 postgraduate enrollment regulations.

2. The results of the first examination of candidates should meet the "basic requirements of the national first examination results" of class a candidates of "transferred major" and the "basic requirements of the first examination results" of our school of "transferred major".

070100 Mathematics (Academic): single subject with a full score of 100 > = 37, single subject with a full score of > 100 > = 56, total score > = 280.

3. The major of the first examination should follow the principle that the major of the first examination is the same or similar to that of the second examination, and should be within the same discipline.

4. The subjects of the first examination are the same or similar to those of the transferred majors, and the subjects of the national unified proposition of the first examination should be the same as those of the national unified proposition of the transferred majors. In the national unified subjects, English one and English two are regarded as the same; Mathematics I, Mathematics II, mathematics III, mathematics (Agriculture) and economic comprehensive ability can be regarded as the same; Mathematics (Agriculture) and Chemistry (Agriculture) can be regarded as the same; The first major of the unified mathematics examination can apply for the adjustment of the second and the third grade of the unified mathematics examination (the self appointed mathematics and the unified mathematics subjects can not be regarded as the same), and so on, and vice versa.

5. For those candidates who apply for the same enrollment unit, the same major and the same subjects in the first examination, the second examination college will select the best candidates according to the first examination results to enter the second examination. The selection criteria may be different for different batches.

6. Candidates of independent examination, candidates of special plan (including candidates of high-level key talents plan for ethnic minorities, candidates of strong military plan, candidates of aid Tibet plan, candidates of rural teachers plan), and those who have been admitted can not be transferred to our school.

4、 Opening and closing time of dispensing system

1. Opening hours: 10:00 on April 13, 2021

2. Closing time: 22:00 on April 13, 2021

5、 Notice of re examination

1. After the batch dispensing system is closed, the college will select candidates according to the dispensing conditions.

2. For candidates who want to accept the application for re examination, the college will send the notice of re examination through the national postgraduate enrollment re examination service system, and the candidates will receive the SMS notice sent by the system. Candidates must click the "accept" retest notice within 24 hours, otherwise they will be deemed to have given up the re examination qualification.

3. For the candidates who can not be shortlisted for the re examination of this batch of dispensing, the system will automatically unlock the dispensing volunteers 12 hours after the candidates fill in. If the re examination of this batch of transfer is not completed, candidates can apply for transfer again according to the arrangement of the next batch of transfer notice.