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College of Applied Mathematics    Reviewer:

The School of Applied Mathematics, formerly known as the Department of Basic Sciences, was established in 1978. It has experienced the development of the Department of Basic Science, the Department of Computational Science, and the Department of Mathematics and Information Science. The school has four mathematics programs, recruiting two master's degree students in basic mathematics and applied mathematics, and two undergraduate students in information and computational science and mathematics and applied mathematics.

In 1999, undergraduate students began to enroll, and in 2004, graduate students were enrolled.

Basic Mathematics is a key discipline of Sichuan Province, and Information and Computing Science is a national characteristic major.

There are 68 staff members in the school, including 10 professors, 27 associate professors, and 20 of them have doctoral degrees. The college has one provincial teaching team of Sichuan Province, one expert enjoying the special allowance of the State Council, one academic and technical leader of Sichuan Province, one famous teaching teacher of Sichuan Province, and three academic and technical reserve candidates of Sichuan Province.

The teaching reform and scientific research of the college serve for talent cultivation comprehensively. It has presided over and participated in a number of teaching and educational reform projects in China and Sichuan Province, and won 5 teaching achievement awards in Sichuan Province. "Numerical Solution of Differential Equations", "Advanced Mathematics", "Linear Algebra and Spatial Analytical Geometry" three courses were rated as provincial excellent courses.

In recent years, he has presided over 6 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, participated in more than 10 research projects as a member, and published more than 200 high-quality scientific research papers in mainstream journals at home and abroad.

College, the cultivation of the talent training scheme across the traditional science professional stereotypes, highlight the characteristics of general engineering colleges and universities of applied talents training, form is given priority to with mathematics, computer technology as the tool, the social demand as the goal of "convergence" of technology model, realize the combination of knowledge, quality and ability, cooperation with many famous enterprises outside, skill training and professional practice, Cultivate students' ability of "design, implementation and application" in the information industry, and constantly meet the talent market's demand for middle and high-end software talents, data mining and statistical analysis, information processing and other talents.

The students of the school have been constantly showing their talents on the stage of competitions at home and abroad. They have won more than 60 national college students' and graduate students' mathematical modeling competition awards, nearly 10 national "Challenge Cup" extracurricular academic science and technology works and entrepreneurship competition awards, and participated in the ACM-ICPC international college students' programming competition Asia region competition. I won five Honorable mentions.

In recent years, most of the graduates are engaged in software design and development, information statistical analysis and processing in the IT industry, which is favored by employers. Some students have been admitted to the doctoral or master degree programs of famous universities at home and abroad for further study. The advantage of solid mathematical foundation determines that they have a good living space and development space.