Leaders from the School of Computer Science and Technology of Southwest University for Nationalities came to our university for communication and investigation

College of Applied Mathematics    Reviewer:

1、 Party and government office of applied mathematics college

Zhu Yue (office director)

Li Jingwen (secretary of administration, scientific research and postgraduate teaching)

2、 Educational Administration Office of applied mathematics college

Qin Shixia (deputy director of office, teaching secretary of undergraduate major)

Li Xingyu (undergraduate public teaching secretary)

3、 Teaching and research section and laboratory

University mathematics teaching and Research Office (Director: Wang fengqiong, deputy director: Yang PAI)

Department of Economic Mathematics (Director: Fang Guomin)

Teaching and research section of mathematics and Applied Mathematics (Director: Li Baojun)

Teaching and research section of information and Computing Science (Director: Hu Jiancheng)

Numerical analysis and algorithm laboratory, innovation and development laboratory (Director: Li Shengkun)

4、 Laboratory and center, occupation and practice workstation

Basic Mathematics Research Office (Director: Li Baojun)

Nonlinear analysis and equation Research Office (Director: Feng Huabing)

Data mining and Algorithm Research Office (Director: Chen Yongming)

Research Office of operations research and optimization (Director: Wu Zezhong (concurrently))

Mathematical model research and Application Center (Director: Hu Jiancheng)

Career and practice workstation (Director: Nina Gao)

5、 Student Affairs Office

Gao Nina (office director)

Zhang Pu (counselor)