Professors Chen Yong, Fan Engui and Yan Zhenya were invited to give academic lectures in our college

College of Applied Mathematics    Reviewer:

On the afternoon of April 24th, Chen Yong, professor and doctoral supervisor of East China Normal University, Fan Engui, professor and doctoral supervisor of Fudan University, and Yan Zhenya, researcher and doctoral supervisor of Institute of Mathematics and System Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, were invited by School of Applied Mathematics of our university. In the conference room on the 6th of the Information Building, he presented under the titles 《Compact Wave and Integrable Deep Learning Algorithm》, 《Asymptotic Stability of n-Soliton Solutions of Compact Wave and Asymptotic Deep Learning Algorithm》The Defocusing NLS equation with Finite Density Initial Data and Nonlinear Schrodinger equation with Pt-Symmmetric Academic lecture at Delta-Function Reading. This academic lecture was hosted by Dean Zhou Yuqian. Nearly 80 teachers, graduate students and undergraduate students from the School of Applied Mathematics actively participated in this lecture.

Professor Chen Yong gave a report on the research team's work on local waves and the latest progress of integrable deep learning algorithms. Firstly, the history of soliton research, the combination of soliton and computer and several methods of solving local wave are introduced, and then several kinds of nonlinear partial differential equations are solved by many methods.

Professor Fan Engui gave some introduction of the asymptote and spectral analysis under the defocusing NLS equation. The initial value problem is transformed into Rh problem by spectral analysis, and the solution of Schrodinger equation is obtained by calculating the limit of Rh problem. Finally, the pure D -bar Neumann problem and its asymptotic property and the asymptotic stability of Schrodinger equation are introduced.

Prof. Zhenya Yan introduced the development of classical quantum mechanics and quantum mechanics under Pt symmetry, discussed the soliton structure and stability of the generalized Schrodinger equation and the defocusing NLS equation with different potential functions under Pt symmetry, and gave some numerical simulation diagrams of strange waves to explain and elaborate in detail.

The experts answered the teachers and students' doubts about the content of the lecture one by one, and discussed with the students about the academic research earnestly. The lecture deepened the scientific research atmosphere of the college, and the teachers and students benefited a lot from the lecture.

Expert introduction:

Chen Yong, male, East China Normal University, doctoral supervisor, top-notch talent in Minhang District, Shanghai. His research interests include nonlinear mathematical physics, integrable systems, computer algebra and program development, integrable deep learning, and atmospheric and ocean dynamics. A series of mechanized methods for solving nonlinear equations were proposed, Lie group theory was developed and successfully applied to the study of atmospheric and oceanographic physical models, a series of mechanized programs for studying nonlinear evolution equations were developed, and an integrable deep learning framework was proposed. He has published 280 papers in international academic journals included by SCI. More than 4000 papers have been cited by SCI. He has presided over 3 general projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, participated in 2 key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (the first participant and project leader), 1 project of Project 973 (key scientist), and 2 projects of Changjiang team of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (key member). At present, it has trained 21 doctoral students, 15 of whom have graduated.

En-Gui Fan is a professor at Fudan University. His research interest covers soliton theory, integrable systems, Riemann-Hilbert problem, orthogonal polynomials, and stochastic matrix theory. He has won the Second Prize of Natural Science of the Ministry of Education, the Second Prize of Natural Science of Shanghai Municipality, and the Gu Chaohao Mathematics Prize of Fudan University. He has presided over a number of research projects, such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Shanghai Dawn Project, Shanghai Dawn Project Tracking Project, etc.

Yan Zhenya is a researcher at the Academy of Mathematics and System Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, doctoral supervisor, winner of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, and winner of one hundred outstanding doctoral dissertations in China. He was awarded Lu Jiaxi Young Talent Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2008. Presided over the "Mathematics and Quantum Physics Effect Innovation Cross Team", an innovative cross team project. He mainly studies mathematical physics, nonlinear wave and integrable system, PT symmetry, strange wave applications, etc.