Work arrangement of the second round examination of the College of Applied Mathematics in 2021 (the third batch)

College of Applied Mathematics    Reviewer:

According to the relevant provisions of Chengdu University of information technology's measures for adjusting the recruitment of Postgraduates in 2021, after the study of the college's postgraduate recruitment working group, the re examination arrangements for this batch of Postgraduates in 2021 are as follows:

1.Form and time of retest

(1) The form of retest is online remote network retest

In 2021, the postgraduate reexamination of our college will adopt the network remote reexamination, and the reexamination platform is Xuexin.

The software and hardware requirements of the platform are as follows:

Mainstream configuration of the computer, install win7, win10 system, and. Net framework (client download page also provides related links); Hardware compatibility generally depends on the operating system, as long as the operating system can recognize it.

Re examination candidates are required to download the Xuexin app (mobile terminal).

Candidates for the second round examination are required to take part in the double seat environment. PC terminal and mobile terminal are running at the same time.

(2) Schedule of retest

9:00, April 15 - 12:00, April 15

Special reminder: candidates who fail to complete all aspects of the retest according to the requirements of the college will be regarded as giving up automatically.


(1) The average examinee is 120 yuan / person, and the equivalent academic level is 200 yuan / person.

(2) The payment method is: the examinee uses the mobile phone wechat to search the wechat small program of "campus peace of mind payment" for payment. The student number of the paying examinee is: retest college code + registration number, a total of 12 digits.

(3) The examinee pays the fee on the Internet by himself, and shows the result to the staff before the retest.